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Integrity Insurance Corp. of Port Charlotte Offers Alternatives to Citizens “Last Resort” Coverage

Port Charlotte, Fla. — A premier southwest Florida insurance agency announced this week that it has been participating in the state-wide push to make competitively priced property insurance available to homeowners, bypassing Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the government-created “insurer of last resort.”

“Citizens is not the only choice anymore,” said Integrity Insurance Agency President Kevin Graham. Graham and Tom Natoli partnered to form Integrity Insurance Corp. in 1997 and have continuously served the community ever since.

Integrity gives its customers detailed, comparative quotes from the score of individual carriers that have returned to the Florida market, Graham said. And while the years of ever-increasing rates associated with Citizens may be coming to an end, “cheaper is not always better,” he said.

“This where we add value into whatever plan a homeowner selects,” Graham said.

Integrity Insurance Agency is a team of seven seasoned agents, each with with an area of expertise, and each able to compare, analyze and assess the policies that are offered to local homeowners by the two-dozen companies that have re-entered the Florida market in the last six months, Graham said. More than two dozen underwriters have started competing for property and casualty policies, ranging from Florida Peninsula Insurance Co. to Weston Insurance, Co..  The sheer number of new names in the market makes it almost impossible for the homeowner to efficiently compare policies in order to determine which is the safest, wisest choice, Graham said.

“For that, a client needs an agent who knows local conditions and how to investigate the fine print.  The seasoned, specialized expert is the professional who knows which questions to ask about a policy and how to assess the offering company itself: Its rating, its financial reserves, its reputation for efficient claims handling, and so on,” Graham said.  “That’s what we do.”

In the end, Graham said, it’s all about resources: knowledge and experience wielded by committed individuals that clients rely on and trust to understand and meet their unique property-coverage needs.


     Integrity Insurance Agency, Inc., 3626 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, Florida 33592 has been providing a full range of insurance services including health, life, property, casualty and automobile services since 1997.  Its staff and principals have decades-long roots in the community life of Southwest Florida, including both charitable and professional affiliations. Most recently, the agency staff will be participating in benefit activities that raise funds and awareness for Habitat for Humanity in the region.

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